Follow our botanical adventures as we cultivate our unique natural ingredients.

Parterre is one of the only perfume houses that grows its own botanical ingredients. We only grow unusual and fine ingredients for our own Limited Editions, creating truly unique fragrances. Follow us around the world, around our Botanical Collection, and through the seasons as we research, cultivate and distil our unique perfume ingredients.

Scented Books We Love

At Parterre we are always looking for inspiration and knowledge from books. These two are recommended if you are interested in plants and scent. Happy reading! THE LAND…

Vetiver: Precious gem of an extract with notes of whisky

Parterre has been growing and distilling Vetiver oil since 2016. It is a huge success for us to be able to produce an oil that is rarely created…

Artistry: Cultivating our latest perfume Editions

We have been working on our Third and Fourth Editions, reflecting our developing skill in producing rare ingredients solely for our own perfumes.

Rare Ingredients: Following the Scent of Citrus

Our ‘citrus’ plant hunting has led us to Bergamot, Bergamot Mint, Lemon Thyme and over 20 varieties of citrus trees in our Collection.

The Parterre Botanical Collection

Dedicated to perfume and scented plants, our Botanical Collection is the experimental centre of Parterre Fragrances – a collection of rare and unusual plants, based on our working…

Red lime season – Discover a sharp citrus hit with a hint of smoke

The scent of the fruit is sweet, honey with a sharp citrus hit and a hint of smoke.

Adventures in Scent: Blue hyssop: The majestic purple plant loved by bees & us- Parterre Fragrances

Blue Hyssop: A majestic plant loved by bees & us

When you get close, you see the flowers are alive with butterflies and bees…

Adventures in Scent: Mimosa: a sweet yellow hive of scent

Mimosa: A sweet, yellow hive of scent

Delivering a burst a colour when we need it most…

Adventures in Scent: We are very proud that it was one of the first perfume crops we grew at Keyneston Mill, our Dorset home - Parterre Fragrances

Rose-Scented Geranium: A modern twist in perfume

A definite rose scent, but it also has a citrus, slightly minty freshness…

The Citrus Project

We love to experiment, and citrus is an area where we think there is great potential…

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