How to look after your perfume

Storing your fragrance:

The longevity of a fragrance and the strength of  the scent can be greatly effected by how the fragrance is stored over time. To ensure you keep a fragrance at it’s best we recommend a few simple actions.

Keep your fragrance in a cool and dry place, away from direct exposure to light and any source of heat.

Wearing your fragrance

Perfume doesn’t like changes in temperature and sunlight, these factors can effect the longevity and purity of the fragrance.

Spray lightly and never touch both wrists together. This action can effect the top and middle scent notes as the friction heats up your skin, it changes the perfume profile and shortens the longevity of the fragrance.

Always take the time to wear a fragrance sample before purchasing, especially if you’ve discovered a perfume from another person. Our chemical body makeup varies, meaning scents will react differently and smell different from one person to the next.

Sensitive skin? You can still have the pleasure of wearing beautiful perfume by lightly spraying your hair, a scarf or a jacket from a distance.

Invest in a 15ml bottle for moments on the go. A fine fragrance is designed to change through the day, but if you want to enjoy those top notes for a bit longer then carry a travel sized bottle so you can top-up.