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    Refreshing citrus mingles with aromatic elements in this vibrant fragrance, softened with notes of orange flower and subtle shades of incense. Unusual, fresh and uplifting.

    TOP NOTES Bergamot Mint. Violet Leaf. Elemi

    HEART NOTES Orange Flower. Lemon Thyme. Juniper

    BASE NOTES Incense. Oak Moss. Mate

  • A Tribute to Edith 2ml - Parterre Fragrances

    An enigmatic, rich rose fragrance with liquor accents in the base. Reminiscent of Paris in the jazz era. Sultry and compelling with geranium for a modern accent.

    TOP NOTES Geranium. Whiskey. Rhubarb

    HEART NOTES Rose. Yarrow. Davana

    BASE NOTES Patchouli. Sandalwood. Benzoin

  • £5.00

    A warm and enveloping fragrance with an aromatic heart and a hint of invigorating spice.

    TOP NOTES Bergamot. Lemon. Ginger

    HEART NOTES Ciste Labdanum. Clary Sage. Hyssop

    BASE NOTES Vetiver. Leather. Amber

  • The Hour of Dusk & Gold 2ml - Parterre Fragrances

    A fragrance that takes us to the warmth of a Moroccan evening, the fusion of spices coming from the medina, and the setting sun over the oceanA sensuous, smooth fragrance.

    TOP NOTES Angelica root. Bay. Nutmeg

    HEART NOTE Wild carrot seed. Orris. Lavender

    BASE NOTES Liquidambar. Vanilla. Black pepper