A Tribute to Edith 15ml Eau de Parfum


EAU DE PARFUM  This enigmatic fragrance reveals its beautiful secrets: the rose is surrounded by geranium and unexpected yarrow, embellished by enveloping patchouli and liquor accents in the dry down.

LIMITED EDITION NO. 4   Every Eau de Parfum from Parterre is a Limited Edition. The rare ingredients from our Botanical Collection only produce a certain number of bottles. Each individually numbered, handwritten label confirms its authenticity. More about our Limited Editions

SIGNATURE NOTES   Rose. Geranium. Patchouli.

TOP NOTES   Geranium. Whiskey. Rhubarb  HEART NOTES   Rose. Yarrow. Davana  BASE NOTES   Patchouli. Sandalwood. Benzoin

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“A rich, jazz-age rose accord to offset homegrown, peppery geranium in A Tribute To Edith is sublime.” – How to Spend It, FT

This enigmatic fragrance reveals its beautiful secrets: the rose is surrounded by geranium and unexpected yarrow, embellished by enveloping patchouli and liquor accents in the dry down.

Expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in Grasse, this is a sultry and compelling fragrance, with geranium bringing a modern accent.

The top-quality rose-scented geranium oil used in A Tribute to Edith is grown and distilled at Parterre’s botanic estate. Elements of citrus and mint in the oil result in a rose scent which is rich but also contemporary and vibrant.

Signature Notes

GERANIUM   One of our first success stories in growing perfume extracts, the contemporary alternative to Rose is Geranium. Sharing many scent facets with Rose, Geranium has a minty and earthy edge which makes it interesting for the modern, sophisticated nose.

ROSE    The damascene rose is the romantic royalty of perfume ingredients, with its perfect balance of floral, citrus, powdery and woody scent.

PATCHOULI   With its warm, earthy and spicy scent, Patchouli provides the perfect base note in our floral fragrance. It helps to provide a rich boozy undertone beneath our heady floral heart notes.

Eau de Parfum Composition

TOP NOTES   Geranium. Whiskey. Rhubarb

HEART NOTES   Rose. Yarrow. Davana

BASE NOTES   Patchouli. Sandalwood. Benzoin

Sustainably Produced

Vegan. Cruelty Free. Phthalate Free

At Parterre Fragrances we produce rare perfume defined by the unique natural ingredients that we grow and distil on our botanic, sustainable estate, and expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in Grasse.

We create these genuinely rare fragrances by working with the natural elements of the environment and the extraordinary world of plants and their botanical properties. Each year a finite number of bottles of perfume are created from each extraction, to offer a true limited edition eau de parfum.

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A Tribute to Edith 15ml Eau de Parfum

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