A Tribute To Edith

An enigmatic, rich rose fragrance with liquor accents in the base.  Reminiscent of Paris in the jazz era.

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This enigmatic fragrance reveals its beautiful secrets: the rose is surrounded by geranium and unexpected yarrow, embellished by enveloping patchouli and liquor accents in the dry down. 

Expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in Grasse, this is a sultry and compelling fragrance, with geranium bringing a modern accent.  Reminiscent of Paris in the jazz era, and a tribute to Edith Piaf’s famed song, La Vie en Rose.

The top-quality rose-scented geranium oil used in A Tribute to Edith is grown and distilled at Parterre’s botanic estate.  Elements of citrus and mint in the oil result in a rose scent which is rich but also contemporary and vibrant.


Geranium. Whiskey. Rhubarb


Rose. Yarrow. Davana


Patchouli. Sandalwood. Benzoin

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Sample(2ml), 50ml, 100ml