Root of all Goodness Christmas Cracker with 10ml Perfume


This charming mini cracker is made of Seed Paper and contains a 10ml bottle of Eau de Parfum.  A treat to hang on the tree, decorate the table or add to a stocking.  Plant the cracker after use for wildflowers! 

ROOT OF ALL GOODNESS   Warm and enveloping with an aromatic heart, notes of whisky, hay and a touch of spicy ginger. This fragrance is a celebration of Parterre’s English-grown Vetiver


“We adore this spicy citrus blend that beautifully showcases the Dorset-grown vetiver.” – Good Housekeeping

The composition revolves around aromatic tonalities of ciste labdanum and hyssop, enhanced by bergamot in the opening and a hint of spicy ginger.  Beneath these complex notes, sense the warm imprint of vetiver in the base.

Rich and enveloping with an aromatic heart.  Expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in Grasse, this fragrance is a celebration of Parterre’s successful experiment in English grown vetiver.

Signature Notes

VETIVER The scent of a summer harvest with notes of whisky and hay. From the roots of a grass native to India, is usually sourced from tropical regions such as Haiti and Java.  The high-quality vetiver oil incorporated in Root of All Goodness is grown, harvested and distilled at Parterre’s botanical collection.

BERGAMOT The incredible scent of Bergamot oil … a mix of bitter citrus with a hint of spice. Invigorating and complex, Bergamot is the scent of Earl Grey tea.

HYSSOP Blue hyssop is one of our more unlikely success stories. Rarely used in perfumery, it has a warm, aromatic scent. Used for centuries in perfume, it is also used in liqueur and is loved by bees!

Eau de Parfum Composition

TOP NOTES Bergamot. Lemon. Ginger.

HEART NOTES Ciste Labdanum. Clary Sage. Hyssop.

BASE NOTES Vetiver. Leather. Amber

Sustainably Produced

Vegan. Cruelty Free. Phthalate Free

At Parterre Fragrances we produce rare perfume defined by the unique natural ingredients that we grow and distil on our botanic, sustainable estate, and expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in Grasse.

We create these genuinely rare fragrances by working with the natural elements of the environment and the extraordinary world of plants and their botanical properties. Each year a finite number of bottles of perfume are created from each extraction, to offer a true limited edition eau de parfum.


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Root of all Goodness Christmas Cracker with 10ml Perfume

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