Scented Candle – Root of all Goodness



Enveloping and complex, this fragrance revolves around aromatic labdanum with bergamot and lemon, and a hint of spicy ginger. Beneath these complex notes sense the warm imprint of vetiver and leather.

“We adore this spicy citrus blend that beautifully showcases the Dorset-grown vetiver.”




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Our candle fragrances have been expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in France and are designed to scent your home beautifully, providing many hours of pleasure. The high- quality soy wax is hand poured to order in small batches.

Approximate burn time for our 55g candle is 25 hours.

Approximate burn time for our 210g candle is 60 hours.

Recommended candle care:

Make sure to trim candle wick 5-10mm prior to each burn.

Never trim a burning wick. • Do not leave flame unattended.

For a clean burn, light your candle for at least an hour at a time.

Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings & matches.

Available in our sophisticated and multi-layered fragrances, each evoking a different ambience, the candles are all hand-poured in England, and designed to scent your home beautifully.