Seeing Parterre Perfume in Aquarelle by Petra Dukova: Inspired Watercolours


The beautiful illustrations on our Parterre perfume wraps and boxes are created using the aquarelle technique by Petra Dufkova. Petra, is a talented artist based in Munich, Germany. She has created illustrations for Vanity Fair, Cartier and even Hermes.

The fragrance A Tribute to Edith was inspired by the circular pattern and pink-purple shades of our Padua Garden - Parterre Fragrances

Our founders, Julia and David invited Petra to visit Keyneston Mill so she could be inspired by the botanic gardens. The brief was to create a series of artworks for each Parterre perfume. The end result was a set of awe-inspiring abstracts in rich colours that were each based on aspects of Keyneston Mill, the home of Parterre.

Fragrance Inspiration

The beautiful rich rose fragrance; A Tribute to Edith, was inspired by the circular pattern and pink-purple shades of our Padua Garden. The Padua Garden focuses on the floral family of fragrances, and the design is based on the Orto Botanico, the oldest university garden in the world, founded in 1545 in Italy. Many of the flowers have scented petals eg. roses, jasmine, sweet peas, and lilies. The scent of other plants such as santolina and hyssop may not be apparent until you rub their leaves.

The artwork created for Run of the River, our fresh, vibrant and uplifting fragrance, was inspired by the flowing nature and greens of the River Meadow. The River Meadow is a natural area and haven for wildlife. And lastly, the rich amber and earthy browns from across the estate, embody our warm and aromatic fragrance, Root of All Goodness.

Petra solely works with a painting technique called Aquarelle. This process involves watercolour painting that is built up and enhanced through a series of semi-transparent washes or layers. By using aquarelle, Petra gives her paintings a unique sense of depth and she is able to vary intense detail and strong colour with moody swooshes of blur and fuzz that soften the overall effect. Her work is very much in the vein of fashion illustration – figurative, often gestural, and always focusing on beauty.

Flower’s Fragrance & Fashion

In September 2021, Keyneston Mill held the first Festival of Scent. As part of the event, Petra Dufkova exhibited Flower’s Fragrance & Fashion; a collection of artwork showcasing her enchanting illustrations. Many of these artworks were commissions for awe-inspiring brands, for example, Cartier, Hermes and even Swarovski.

You can see highlights from Petra’s exhibition at Keyneston Mill on our YouTube channel and you can see more of her work on her Instagram profile.

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