​​ART, SCENT & SYNAESTHESIA Paintings & Ceramics By Jan Dagley

Exhibition: Exploring Art, Scent & Synaesthesia by artist Jan Dagley

An exhibition of ceramics and paintings inspired by Parterre’s fine fragrances.

A Tribute to Edith a rich rose fragrance with a modern twist - Parterre Fragrances

Rose perfumes are in full bloom and these are GH’s favourites

Rose perfumes are in full bloom and these are GH’s favourites. Pretty, romantic, edgy…there’s a rose for everyone – Good Housekeeping

Parterre is the first UK fragrance brand built from seed to bottle…

Founders David and Julia Bridger explain how they grew their own scent farm, from the roots up – Hole & Corner, Issue 17: Elements

Red lime season – Discover a sharp citrus hit with a hint of smoke

The scent of the fruit is sweet, honey with a sharp citrus hit and a hint of smoke.

Adventures in Scent: Blue hyssop: The majestic purple plant loved by bees & us- Parterre Fragrances

BLUE HYSSOP: A majestic plant loved by bees & us

When you get close, you see the flowers are alive with butterflies and bees…

Adventures in Scent: Mimosa: a sweet yellow hive of scent

Mimosa: A sweet, yellow hive of scent

Delivering a burst a colour when we need it most…

Adventures in Scent: We are very proud that it was one of the first perfume crops we grew at Keyneston Mill, our Dorset home - Parterre Fragrances

ROSE scented GERANIUM: A modern twist in perfume

A definite rose scent, but it also has a citrus, slightly minty freshness…

Everything you need to know about sustainable fragrances

Everything you need to know about sustainable fragrances. It’s the perfume trend we can all get on board with – Good Housekeeping

The fragrance A Tribute to Edith was inspired by the circular pattern and pink-purple shades of our Padua Garden - Parterre Fragrances

SEEING PARTERRE perfume in Aquarelle by Petra Dukova: INSPIRED WATERCOLOURS

Our fragrance wraps and boxes are created using the aquarelle technique…

Meet the New Guard of Indie Perfumers Flourishing…

The British capital has seen a flourishing of small-batch fragrance brands – Robb Report

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