Essaouira and The Warm Scent of Spice

Who wouldn’t love to be in a Moroccan spice market right now, breathing in those heady aromas carried on the warm breeze? 

The spice market of Essaouira comes between the sea and L’Heure Bleu Hotel, where ideas for The Hour of Dusk & Gold were developed. 

Meandering through the narrow passageways of the coastal town, you catch the rich notes of Cumin, Ginger, Turmeric and Paprika. Then come the sweeter scents such as Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Allspice. Everything is lovingly displayed – whole peppercorns, dried roots and vibrant powders, all tempting you to buy!  


The definition of ‘spice’ fragrances has changed over time, whilst their popularity remains as high now as it did when introduced in the 1920’s.

Today we refer to amber and woody notes, such as Balsams, Liquidambar and Sandalwood. Then, sweeter or fresher notes such as Vanilla and Coriander. It is a wonderfully rich and diverse area of scent.

In our Collection, we are lucky to be growing a wide mix of ingredients. From fresh Ginger to the light curry scent of Immortelle. From rich Bay Laurel to powdery Persian Carrot Seed.

In our fragrance, The Hour of Dusk & Gold, we have created a silky blend of the exotic. Amber and Vanilla combine with gentle spices to create a sensuous synthesis which, many people tell us, is irresistable!  

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