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Genuinely fragrances, defined by our botanical adventures and the unusual ingredients we grow and distil on our own estate.



What we know as “geranium” in perfumery, is in fact one of over 200 varieties of pelargonium, Pelargonium Graveolens or rose-scented geranium.

Originating from South Africa this variety has been a major success for us at Parterre. It was one of the first perfume crops we grew at Keyneston Mill, our Dorset home, and the oil we produced received a resounding 10 out of 10 from our team of perfume experts when they reviewed it. In fact, one team member suggested we grow 50 acres of geranium!

As you would expect, geranium oil has a definite rose scent, but it also has a citrussy, slightly minty freshness with additional earthiness. This gives it a contemporary edge, and is why it is frequently used by perfumers, either on its own or blended with rose absolute.

Why not try our Tribute to Edith eau de parfum, which features our home-grown geranium. It’s a rich sensuous fragrance … but with a modern twist which seems to have caught the imagination of many a perfume fan.


“Firm Bazaar favourite is Run of the River – a sparkling citrus, with fresh notes of bergamot mint, lemon thyme and juniper.​”

Sian Ranscombe, Harper’s Bazaar

“Cerise Queen yarrow, geranium and lemon thyme, and – an audacious British first – rooty, suede-like vetiver (a grass more usually grown in Haiti) are key influencers in limited edition batches of their Parterre fragrances.​”

Vicci Bentley, How To Spend It, FT