Fine British Fragrance. Where scented Botany meets Artistry and the wild spirit of Adventure

We search for rare and unusual scented plants for our botanical collection. Through careful cultivation and distillation we produce the highest quality oils exclusively for our own Limited Edition Eau de Parfums. Working with a leading Master Perfumer in Grasse, the result is exceptional fragrances with a distinctive intensity.

“From garden to dressing table: the UK garden where botany meets perfumery.”  Harper’s Bazaar

Our signature Limited Editions

Founded in 2015, Parterre is one of the only perfume houses to cultivate its own rare botanical ingredients.

Every Eau de Parfum from Parterre is a Limited Edition, as the rare ingredients we grow can only produce a certain number of bottles each year.

Gifting with Parterre

Parterre Fragrances offer genuinely rare, limited edition perfumes, home fragrance gifts and some fabulous experiences all with a scented or botanical theme.

The Parterre Diffuser Collection

We are delighted to introduce our new Parterre room diffuser collection that has been specially developed by our Master Perfumer in Grasse, to perfectly complement our range of eau de parfum.

Available in four sophisticated and multi-layered fragrances, each evoking a different ambience, they are an elegant edition to our home collection, all hand-poured at Keyneston Mill and designed to scent your home beautifully.


Red Lime Season - Discover a sharp citrus hit with a hint of smoke

We love to experiment, and citrus is an area where we think there is great potential ...


Rose Scented Geranium

Geranium oil has a definite rose scent, but it also has a citrus, slightly minty freshness with additional earthiness.

English Perfume with Grasse Roots

The key ingredients for Parterre Fragrances are grown and distilled in our botanical collection. The focus is on unusual ingredients, from Vetiver to Bergamot Mint.

Our plants are distilled and matured before sending to Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert, based in Grasse, to create our distinctive fragrances. 

As seen in …

916 Parterre Assets (13)
916 Parterre Assets (12)

“-Geranium and lemon thyme, and – an audacious British first – rooty, suede-like vetiver, are key influencers in limited edition batches. ”

“We adore this spicy citrus blend that beautifully showcases the Dorset-grown vetiver.”

“A rich, jazz-age rose accord to offset homegrown, peppery geranium in A Tribute To Edith is sublime.”

“Firm Bazaar favourite is Run of the River – a sparkling citrus, with fresh notes of bergamot mint, lemon thyme and juniper.”


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Our fragrances are cruelty free, phthalate free & suitable for vegans.


We distil, refine & bottle our fragrances, within meters of where the ingredients are grown.


The packaging of every fragrance uses 100% recyclable materials.