Genuinely rare fragrances, defined by our botanical adventures and the unusual ingredients we grow and distil on our own estate.


We love to experiment, and citrus is an area where we think there is great potential.  We all know lemon, lime and bergamot, but have you heard of Buddhas hand, red lime or lemandarin?

We have thirty varieties of citrus tree which live outside in summer, and are brought indoors in winter.  Our aim is to find something a bit different – a variety that produces really good essential oil that hasn’t been used before in perfume.  It could be from the flower, leaf or fruit.  If we are successful in finding a suitable variety, we will then propagate it so we can eventually create enough oil for use in a perfume.

Watch this space…


“Firm Bazaar favourite is Run of the River – a sparkling citrus, with fresh notes of bergamot mint, lemon thyme and juniper.​”

Sian Ranscombe, Harper’s Bazaar

“Cerise Queen yarrow, geranium and lemon thyme, and – an audacious British first – rooty, suede-like vetiver (a grass more usually grown in Haiti) are key influencers in limited edition batches of their Parterre fragrances.​”

Vicci Bentley, How To Spend It, FT