The Hour of Dusk & Gold Ceramic Reed Diffuser Special Edition


Summery and satisfying, The Hour of Dusk & Gold diffuser will fill your room with the warmth of a Moroccan evening, the fusion of spices coming from the medina, and the setting sun over the ocean. An elevating fragrance; notes of bay, angelica, liquidambar and nutmeg linger on the air.

Angelica. Bay. Nutmeg. Wild carrot seed. Orris. Lavender. Liquidambar. Vanilla. Black pepper

Set includes:

  • Handmade ceramic vessel
  • Glass refill bottle 100ml
  • Natural reed diffuser stems


This fragrance features Persian wild carrot seed grown, harvested and distilled at Keyneston Mill, the home of Parterre. The seeds have a powdery, mildly spicy scent which enhances the subtle oriental character of the fragrance.

“The Hour of Dusk and Gold, a deeper, darker scent, is based around their cultivation of wild Persian carrot. The challenge is the lead times; for instance, it takes three years of growing and another three of processing to make orris root.”


Our diffuser fragrances have been expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in France and are designed to scent your home beautifully, providing many hours of pleasure. The high quality blend is hand-poured to order in small batches.

The stylish ceramic pot has been designed and made for Parterre Fragrances by the artist Tone Von Krogh.

  • Lasts approximately: 2-3 months*
  • Made in the UK with recyclable materials

Diffuser care

Using the ceramic pot as your reed diffuser; unscrew the top of the glass refill bottle, and pour the mixture carefully into the ceramic pot. Insert the reeds into the top of your pot. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the scent to fill your room.

You may also use the glass refill bottle as a diffuser by removing the seal and replacing the collar.

  • To keep the scent throw fresh and fragrant, flip the reeds every few days
  • Keep the vessel topped up
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals
  • Keep the diffuser vessel away from direct heat
  • *Avoid placing close to radiators to ensure the best longevity

Available in our sophisticated and multi-layered fragrances, each evoking a different ambience, the diffusers are created in England, and designed to scent your home beautifully.

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The Hour of Dusk & Gold Ceramic Reed Diffuser Special Edition

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