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    • Root of all Goodness Eau de parfum 100ml Limited Edition Parterre Fragrances

      A warm and enveloping fragrance with an aromatic heart and a hint of invigorating spice.

      TOP NOTES Bergamot. Lemon. Ginger

      HEART NOTES Ciste Labdanum. Clary Sage. Hyssop

      BASE NOTES Vetiver. Leather. Amber

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    • £110.00

      Bring an aromatic heart into your home with the Root of all Goodness scented candle. Enveloping and complex, this fragrance revolves around aromatic tonalities of labdanum with bergamot and lemon, and a hint of spicy ginger. Beneath these complex notes sense the warm imprint of vetiver and leather. Our bestselling fragrance, assuring with a great scent throw.

      Bergamot. Lemon. Ginger. Ciste Labdanum. Clary Sage. Hyssop. Vetiver. Leather. Amber

      Set includes:

      • Handmade ceramic vessel
      • Glass refill bottle 100ml
      • Natural reed diffuser stems
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